The most gorgeous Turkish Actresses working today

It would be an understatement to say that Turkish women are beautiful. Having the same level of beauty with Hollywood celebrities, Turkish actresses have a captivating beauty–expressive eyes, voluminous hair, good skin, and exceptional charm.

It is true that they are blessed when it comes to looks, but they also have great talent, especially in acting. Aside from their physical appeal, actresses win the hearts of supporters with their undeniable talent.

Because of these qualities, they are now making a name for themselves and build a big fan following in the Middle East as well as across the globe.

Now, let’s check out three of the gorgeous actresses in Turkey of today.

Tuba Buyukustun

Even when Tuba is still a student, she already appeared in advertisements of famous brands such as Pantene, Maximum Cart, Molped, and Kremini. Bringing her to fame, she has played different television series and movie roles such as “Ask your heart,” “Sultan Poppies,” “ASI,” and “Under the canopy lip.” Plus, she never uses makeup and prefers to look natural. With her beauty, she also appears in the covers of glossy magazines.

Malik IpekYalova

Before Malik became an actress, she got involved in organizing wedding celebrations where she was noticed by one of the directors. That would not be a surprise looking at her tantalizing eyes. She played the role of Princess Isabella in the series “Magnificent Century.” She also starred in another series called “Cardin.”

Nur Fettahoglu

Aside from being an actress, Nur is also a fashion designer before. Having gentle looks, she starred in a television series “Some of My Father,” later got the role in “Forbidden Love,” an acclaimed series and followed by “Valley of the Wolves: Palestine.” Even with her success and fame in acting, she still dreams of making historical costumes for films in the future.

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