Sexiest Turkish fashion models

Descended from tribes in east and central Asia, Turkish people also look a lot like ethnic Chinese until they started intermingling with Arabs, Armenians, Slavs, Persians, and Greeks over the centuries. Having the best features sometimes gives favor when you are multi-raced. In Turkey where East meets West, knowing this fact makes a great combination. This is the reason why there are a number of beautiful and hot Turkish women.

For your eye candy, here are the top 3 hottest women in Turkey in the fashion scene that have been seen and recognized on TV shows, advertisements, magazine features, among others and have made their name in the modeling industry.

Deniz Akkaya

Originating from Ankara, Deniz Akkaya is a model, fashion editor, and actress from Istanbul. Having won in the Best Model of Turkey title in 1997, she then represented the country for the Best Model of the World competition where she was crowned as the winner.  Also, she appeared in the movies “YesilIsik” and “Vizontele Tuuba” as well as in the television series “Metro Palas.”

Almila Ada Bayazıtoğlu

Actress, model, and ballerina Almila Ada Bayazıtoğlu already had the potential in performing arts when she was still young. As an actress, she appeared in the television series Kırgın Çiçekler and Adı Efsane. In pursuing her career in modeling, she is spotted in magazines and brands such as Hollister, IQ, InStyle, and Vogue.


Serbian-Turkish multi-talent Ivana is a television personality, socialite, presenter, fashion designer, model, entrepreneur, author, beauty pageant titleholder, and occasional actress. Before she became a model, she studied piano and ballet. After being crowned as Miss Belgrade, then she moved to Turkey and met her husband Yurdal who is the son of a prominent real estate developer. She is the co-host of the television program En BüyükSho and wrote the book Bizimlesin in 2002.

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