Where to pick up girls in Los Angeles

The nature of Los Angeles is that there a copious number of establishments and settings, in general, where you can meet people. Simply put, there are a lot of places where you can pick up girls in Los Angeles. The subsequent



There are shopping centers with promenades. Scilicet, third Street Promenade exists in LA. Sometimes there is live music. You can take a stroll and meet someone. In all probability, there will be people walking through shopping centers just to enjoy being out and about in LA. In that case, people will be receptive to conversation.


Coffee places

People can make coffee from home, but a lot of people choose to go to coffee joints. People often go to coffee places to socialize. There are girls who go to coffee shops to get work done. Explicitly, writers in LA go to coffee places to work on projects. There are also graduate students who like to study at coffee joints. While it’s not prudent to interrupt a girl while she’s working, you can strike up a short conversation to ask her on a date.


Hookah Bars

There are hookah bars in Los Angeles, including the Hollywood Hookah Lounge and the Blue Moon Hookah Lounge. The nature of hookah bars is that it’s a place to socialize. It’s natural to sit in groups and smoke hookah. It’s also natural to join a conversation. The atmosphere of hookah bars is conducive to picking up girls.


Comedy venues

Comedy clubs are one place to pick up girls in LA. You can also meet girls at open mic nights throughout the city. In fact, if you have a knack for standup or playing music, you could perform at an open mic night. Odds are that performing music or standup will lead you to meet a girl.


Dance classes

Generally, regarding dance classes, there are more girls than guys. Since the ratio is often imbalanced, you may find yourself surrounded by girls, to a certain extent. If you join a ballroom or social dance class, for example, you will pair with a girl. It would not be surprising if the teacher asked partners to switch. In consequence, you would likely dance with several girls.

Dance classes will give you the opportunity to spend time with a girl before asking her whether she would like to spend further time with you. By dancing in a class, you can demonstrate how you behave in social situations, which is to your benefit.

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