How to Find Ladyboys in the Tokyo Nightlife

The biggest population of Tokyo ladyboys is concentrated in Ni-chome, a pulsating nightlife district. Trans people are regulars at many of the clubs here. Places like Motown and Gaspanic deserve special mention in this respect. Your chances of meeting someone improve in proportion to the duration of your stay at these venues. However, we will say there’s no guarantee you’ll hit it off with the person you meet here or whether you’ll meet anyone at all, for that matter.

The nightlife spots in Ni’chome are frequented by trans women from different backgrounds. The district is a great place to enjoy a drink in a local’s pleasant company. It is within walking distance of Shinjuku Station, but if you’re never been in the area before, it might be a good idea to bring someone who knows their way around.

You will find many ladyboys at the Kingyo Roppongi, a trans cabaret with shows every night. There is also a bar and a restaurant here. The venue is frequented by famous local film directors, artists, and fashion designers. All of the performers are ladyboys.

If you’re a foreigner looking for good nightlife spots in the Japanese capital, watch for “gaijin-friendly” or “gaijin-welcoming” in descriptions of bars or clubs. “Gaijin” means foreigner in Japanese. The staff will be very likely to speak good English at these venues. Clubs and bars are good places to meet ladyboys in the Japanese capital.

There is a franchise of bars called the Kesho Danshi in Japan, which is owned and staffed by trans women. The owner herself designed the interior of the first bar, which is located in Yushima. Regulars will tell you this is the best place in the entire country to have a drink and meet transgender women, with whom you’ll be fascinated. The owner talks to many of the clients herself. She’s a very eloquent, intelligent woman who has written a book about being transgender.

Bar Five is popular with ladyboys in the Japanese capital as well. You wouldn’t know it by looking at the place from the outside – the bar is housed in a plain building. However, it has a vivacious atmosphere and there’s always someone to talk to. The building is located near the city center.

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