Does Turkey have the most beautiful women?

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, cliche but valid. People are born differently, and women all over the world are uniquely beautiful in their own selves. But, we are all entitled to how we judge the physical appearance of people.

We all have modifications on how we see beautiful from not-so-beautiful. If being beautiful is based on the specific color of the skin, hair, eyes, and face, we could agree that Turkey has the most beautiful women, on an average.

Turkish women are mixed with Asian and European beauties. They mostly have olive skin, gorgeous dark hair, expressive dark eyes, and defined jaws. Many people would love to have olive skin because it is generally light to moderate brown, or tannish in color.

Most Westerners love to achieve such an individual color. Turkish women also have lots of femininity inside them and do care about dressing a lot and looking good especially when out the public. Putting too much make-up is not a necessity for them because they do not need them that much. They already have these defined eyes, brows, lips, and jaws, so they only need to enhance them a little but not too much.

Cleary, they put a lot of effort making themselves look and feel good inside and out. But most of all, what makes them generally beautiful is that in some parts of Turkey, women have more control over men.

Physically, Ayça Ayşin Turan, for example, is a Turkish actress who has a lead role in a Turkish TV series The Protector. She is so stunning with or without wearing make-up because of her very expressive eyes and enchanting lips. Hande Erçel is another Turkish actress and model, who likes Ayça, is naturally stunning as well because of her Turkish eyes and gorgeous smile.

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