Best Sites to Find Turkish Porn

When you think of Turkey, the first thing that comes to your mind usually isn’t porn (if you’re like me you’d probably think of food). After all, Turkey doesn’t seem to be like the kind of country to produce a lot of porn videos. Especially considering the production and distribution of porn videos in Turkey. Most Turkish porn videos are made in Germany. Despite being more liberal than most of its neighbors, porn is still frowned upon in Turkey (at least outwardly).

But have no fear! There’s plenty of Turkish porn online to help you fulfill your ultra-specific fetish involving Turkish women (or men). Thanks to the wonder of the internet you can access quality Turkish porn videos for free.

Turkish porn has a fascinating history, with the first hardcore porn videos being produced in the ’70s and the industry still going strong despite the numerous restrictions by the government (more recently including the restrictions of the internet in Turkey). Despite this, Turkey is ranked eighth in the world in porn searches in 2015. Turkish Porn is much more than hijabs and hairy fat guys; there’s plenty of great stuff out there!

So if you find yourself in Turkey perhaps on vacation or maybe want something different from the normal porn videos, this list will help you find the best quality Turkish porn videos. Below is a list of some websites to find Turkish porn videos:


Xvideos is an awesome site to find the best free porn videos on the internet. It has over 50 categories and over 10,000 videos within the Arab category alone, with 60% of them tagged with “Turkish.” The video quality is higher than most other sources, though it’s still mostly amateur porn. There’s no end to the variety in the Turkish category, as you’ll find anything from wild Turkish teens getting fucked hardcore, hijab-wearing hooker blowjobs, and some sensual vintage films here and there too.


No list on porn is complete without pornhub. They offer a broad selection of Videos (though mostly amateur) there’s a fair share of the hardcore and fetish content, from hijabs, hairy women (or men) and teen sex.  Turkish porn has become quite popular with Videos racking up hundreds of thousands of views.