Explainer Video

How to Write an Explainer Video That Will Sell

Writing a killer explainer video that will work for your website might be harder than most online merchants would think. An explainer video needs to be understood by your viewers effortlessly. Ensure that in your script, crucial company ideas should flow smoothly. Let ideas harmonize perfectly with the actions displaying on your screen. Here you will also learn some of the best practices when writing a killer explainer video for your site. Ensure you use them every time you are jotting down a script for a video that explains what your company does or how your products can help solve your viewer’s problem.

Be sure to focus on your target audience

This should be your first point because the video is all about your clients. Focus it on how your products and services will help solve the client’s problems without having to sell anything to them. Let them know and trust your goods and whatever service you are selling, that it will help them. Also, be sure not to talk about your brand all the time. This will make them feel as if they are being overlooked and has an adverse effect on your conversion rate. Let the solution be the main focus of your explainer video. The association between what you are selling and the solution it has is the only thing that will see your site realizing a higher number of potential customers.

Let the video be jovial

Be sure to make your script jovial and one which customers will want to watch over and over. An entertaining video is most likely get shared by viewers. Also, a fun video will most likely resonate in your viewer’s minds, which means also that viewers will most likely commit to using your services or your products.

Make the script short

The average attention span of an online user is only 8.25 seconds according to research. This concentration span is shorter than that of a goldfish which is at 9 seconds. If you want your viewers to watch your explainer video to completion, it is vital to make it short. This boils down to your script also as this is the determinant of the video’s length. Make it brief. If users watch a video to completion will most likely be inspired to make a purchase. While people argue that an explainer video needs to be at most 90 seconds, the longest you can make an ideal video needs to be 2 minutes. Within these 2 minutes, ensure that you cover up to four company or product features that are of interest to your visitors.