How to Maximize Conversion Rates with Great Explainer Videos

Is it time to attract more customers and maximize the conversion rates! How? Easy, with great explainer videos! Read this article and find out more!

Let’s face it – we are living in a highly competitive society and business world! There is a lot of competition out there and if you don’t fight for your own business success you cannot achieve it. If you don’t grab your visitors’ attention, you can’t expect to make a profit and sell your products or services.

You need to ask yourself – Am I living money on the table? Am I missing out on significant opportunities?

Well, if you notice that the number of sales is lowered, your customers are just visiting your site and aren’t purchasing your products, it means that you are doing something wrong, and yes you are living money on the table.

Making great explainer videos is the best solution to this problem! An explainer video is probably the safest and the best investments you can make as a business owner.

The reason why most website visitors don’t convert and aren’t transforming in active buyers is because they are either confused about what your business and brand is all about, they are not sure how to use your product or services or you are simply forcing them to buy your product in an unnatural and unprofessional way.

You need to realize that people don’t actually read as much as they used to, especially online or if they are checking your site through their mobile phones. Reading feels like work and people and online shoppers want answers fast!

Explainer videos are short videos (they usually last from 60-90 seconds) and they quickly and effectively educate your visitors and potential buyers about the product or service you are promoting. Great explainer videos can easily get to the point and they focus on the 3 most important things:

  • What your product does or how it works (a presentation of the most important features)
  • How it makes the life or the viewer better (the problems it solves, the needs it meets, and the desires it fulfills)
  • What they need to do next (a guide or call-to-action)

Online shoppers love watching videos, so your explainer video doesn’t only teach your viewer about your brand but it also feels fun and entertaining, actually you can find great examples on how to make a great explainer video with Squareship one of the best animated explainer videos. 

Explainer Videos

It has been confirmed that video is by far the best and most effective tool your business can use when teaching potential customers about your product or service:

  • People are more like to watch a video than read an article
  • Viewers are from 64-85% are likely to purchase a product after watching a video first
  • The viewers can retain more than 90% of the message when they watch a video compared to less than 10% when reading an article or blog post.
  • Video gives your site an advantage in search results. The videos double the amount of time visitors spend on your site which is a really powerful indicator to Google that your content is relevant and valuable.

Explainer videos are a visually more engaging strategy to promote your brand and sell your products. Great explainer videos add personality and character to your message with eye-catching footage or animated graphics, something that is not really possible with text.

Explainer videos have a significant business impact as they are the first interaction with your brand. They also present and share the value of your product in a more persuasive and emotional visual format. These are just a few of the reasons why explainer videos boost conversion rates by an average of 20%.

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